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  • Escape The 13th Floor Escape The 13th Floor 3133 jogar While walking home late one night a car stopped and you heard a strange voice. That voice is the last thing you can remember.
  • Secret Seekers - Copperhead Secret Seekers - Copperhead 3115 jogar It's said that there is a secret that lies deep within Copperhead, an old ghost town that has been empty since the gold rush. As a Secret Seeker you explore areas like this one trying to uncover the hidden secrets. Use your mouse to interact with objects and collect items to uncover the secrets!
  • Mini Escape 4 Mini Escape 4 3079 jogar Mini Escape 4 is the fourth episode of Mini Escape point and click type escape the room game by Zomayor and created for Escape Games 24 visitors. In this game you try to search around to find some useful things and solve puzzles to escape the room.
  • Dungeons And Dungeons Dungeons And Dungeons 3060 jogar Strap on your leather and grab some anal beads. It's time to whip some leather wearing gimps.
  • Escape The Cube Escape The Cube 2805 jogar Bust out of space prison! Unlike the guards, you can make your gravity spin. This will help, but it won't solve all your problems: you'll need skillz. Get going!
  • Salir del infierno Salir del infierno 2763 jogar Gary ha sido enviado accidentalmente al infierno! ayudarle a escapar de las llamas! |
  • Sospechoso Sospechoso 2747 jogar Comen los peces más pequeños para que usted pueda crecer más grande, pero tenga cuidado de peces más grandes debido a que le comen! |
  • Kidnapped By Robots Kidnapped By Robots 2732 jogar Kidnapped by Robots is another point and click type adventure game. You have been kidnapped by Robots.Try to escape them by finding items and solving puzzles.
  • Psy Hazard Psy Hazard 2702 jogar Grab pills, ammo, and explosive boxes. Shoot crazy people and mad dogs to stay alive in this 3D game.
  • Crow in Hell 2 Crow in Hell 2 2701 jogar Así una vez más la línea se ha quedado atascado en el infierno y debe salir. evitar las trampas y túneles de caracol. recoger las llaves para desbloquear emocionantes retos nuevos bonus. |
  • Ant Hill Trap Ant Hill Trap 2579 jogar Due to the heavy shower of rain, the water level in the ground has risen. All the ants have escaped the ant hill except for one. Use the objects and the clues hidden and save the ant as well as the ant eggs hidden in the anthill.
  • The Portal The Portal 2571 jogar Turn and move around the rooms as you pick up items to help you along your escape.
  • Jail Break 3 Jail Break 3 2485 jogar Now this is fundamental escapery! Stay out of view, avoid motion detectors, and make a clean getaway!
  • Andy Cave of Treasure Andy Cave of Treasure 2317 jogar You have a map along with a backpack, whip and lantern. There is supposed to be treasure at the end of this cave. Can you find it ?
  • Mayan Escape Mayan Escape 2250 jogar Escape from the Maya pyramid. Use the mouse to move it throughout the rooms and make click in the objects to inspect them.
  • Escape the Boogeyman Escape the Boogeyman 2221 jogar Find the door that will let you escape or you will die. If you see a moving door don't open it!!
  • Free Icecrem Free Icecrem 2210 jogar Escape the butchers house after you made the choice to get free ice cream. Escape without dying.
  • Purple Room Escape Purple Room Escape 2204 jogar In this game, you have to solve puzzles and discover hidden objects in order to find your way out from the purple room. Can you able to escape the purple room? Good luck and have fun!
  • Escapar de nivel de Scientology Land 3: el retorno de l. Ron Hubbard Escapar de nivel de Scientology Land 3: el retorno de l. Ron Hubbard 2193 jogar Aquí es el tercer à ¢ â, ¬ â € œ y final à ¢ â, ¬ parte â € œ de nuestra escapar de la serie de juegos de la Cienciología de vídeo, y ita ¢ â, ¬ â u0026quot;¢ s la más emocionante aún con toneladas de sorpresas. prepararse para una batalla final entre l. Ronald Hubbard, Xenu, y luego salvar a los rehenes otro misterio. |
  • Batman and Superman Adventures World Finest Gauntlet of Doom 3 Batman and Superman Adventures World Finest Gauntlet of Doom 3 2168 jogar Part 3 of Batman and Robin World Finest! New enemies, This time fight your way to the exit against monsters.
  • Cave Labyrinth Cave Labyrinth 2119 jogar Trapped in the creepy cave...try to make your way out...alive!
  • Batman and Superman Adventures World Finest Gauntlet of Doom 4 Batman and Superman Adventures World Finest Gauntlet of Doom 4 2102 jogar Kill all robot tiger and move your way to the exit. Part 3 of Batman and Superman Adventure.
  • El señor del arpón El señor del arpón 2094 jogar Alimentar a su esposa y no dejes que se muera de hambre! |
  • Agente de espantapájaros # 2 Agente de espantapájaros # 2 2086 jogar Mike se encuentra ahora en su camino para reunirse con kat o jim, firmemente decidido a investigar la desaparición de su amigo Pedro y arrojar luces sobre lo espantapájaros conjunto. |
  • Batman and Superman Adventures World Finest Gauntlet of Doom Batman and Superman Adventures World Finest Gauntlet of Doom 2053 jogar Navigate to the exit at the other end of the challenge chamber.
  • Sue Choco Museum Sue Choco Museum 2050 jogar Find the bags of Choco and click items to make your way through the museum.
  • This Is The Only Level Too This Is The Only Level Too 1994 jogar Do you like jumping? Do like spikes? There are both in this game, and a handful of different ways to try to beat the only level in the game. Confront each new stage challenge with a sort of heart and dignity that we can only befall on our most noble of creatures. Also you can unlock a velociraptor, how cool how is that?
  • Cinderella escapar Cinderella escapar 1947 jogar Ayudar a Cenicienta a volver a su casa antes de la medianoche o su coche a su vez en una calabaza. |

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